Join more than 1.1 million men and women who have accepted an invitation to make a difference in many lives through membership in the Moose.

We provide hope to children in need at Mooseheart, a 1,000 acre community and school for children and teens in need. Mooseheart has provided over 12,000 children a second chance, with quality education and vocational training on a campus environment that stresses stability, compassion and understanding.

We offer a special world of comfort and peace of mind to senior members and their spouses at Moosehaven, a retirement community located in Orange Park, Florida. Residents enjoy activities, camaraderie, and a contentment that most agree, could not be found elsewhere.

We place special emphasis on giving back to our communities through a wide range of service programs. Whatever the need, we are there, giving our time and effort to make our communities better places in which to live.

We have fun too! Our members participate in a wide variety of activities, from sports to picnics, to dances and karaoke. There’s a good chance you will meet lifelong friends once you join and become active.

Our Membership Dues

For new members (which includes $20.00 processing fee)

Men …. $75.00

Women …. $50.00

Membership renewals

Men …. $55.00

Women …. $30.00