News From Your Senior Regent – June 2017

So this Sr. Regent is excited to kick up some new ideas while working with the newly elected Women of the Moose (WOTM) board of officers, I would like to announce and welcome the following women starting with our Jr. Regent – JoAnne Horner, Recorder – Debra Keslov, Secretary/Treasurer – Elsa Zukowski and Jr. Graduate Regent – Rose Mifflin.  Appointed officers are Guide – Judy Chapman and Assistant Guide – Mary Hopkins.  Also, want to thank the following ladies for accepting a committee chair:  Membership Retention – Ruth Matteucci, Community Service – Pamela Burger, Sports/Activities – Christa Schneider, Mooseheart/Moosehaven – JoAnne Hamilton, Audit – Wendy Larsen and Cheryl Shinske.  Leaving an open chair of Higher Degree – TBA.  If you haven’t already been contacted, you might receive an invitation to help on one of these ladies committees.  Our door is always open to help out and volunteer your “hidden” talents!   

Father’s Day is June 18th  – BREAKFAST will be cooked/served by the ladies of Moose for this special day.  Start planning, invite your entire family and friends to attend.  If your group is large, no worries we can assure a larger table area just for your visit.   Serving times:  8-11AM    **we are always in need of volunteers – just show up and we will find you something to do**

THANK YOU to all who donated Flannel shirts during the month of April.  17 shirts were collected and have been sent over to the “quilt/blanket” makers – can’t wait to see how the finished products will help in raising funds for Moose Charities.

Door Greeters are needed for Friday (FUN) nights. Contact any board member to inquire or sign up – It’s a great way of making new friends as you greet them into our Friday night festivities.  Time slots include 5-7 or 7-9PM.

Also, would like to express a word of “thank you” to the NEW volunteers for stepping up at Women’s Bingo nights on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday’s.  Whether you floor walk, work the kitchen or help run the snack bar we really appreciate you as being that great volunteer!  And let’s not forget how much we also appreciate our current volunteers for all you do!

Reminder!!  WOTM meetings are held on the 1st (Activity) and 3rd (Business) Tuesdays @ 7 PM. Our board of officers and co-workers would like to see more of our fabulous woman members to consider joining in or even visiting our meetings J

Christine Schneider – Sr. Regent