News From Your Senior Regent – February 2018

It’s February and LOVE is in the air! Valentine ’s Day is 2-14-2018, so don’t forget to acknowledge your family & friends on how much you
appreciate them. February is also the month our WOTM start accepting applications for new board positions. We have so many
“member” possibilities out there with skill and talents – please start to think about why you joined and how great you could be to be part of
this fraternal organization of Moose.
ALL POSITIONS ARE OPEN: Meetings are held the 1st (Activity) & 3rd (Business) Tuesday’s each month @ 7 PM
Senior Regent: holds all chapter meetings and oversees the proper operation of the WOTM chapter
Junior Regent: helps to perform the Sr. Regent duties in her absence, visits the ill, disabled & distress
Recorder: collection and deposit of all chapter funds, pays bills, assures membership applications and information is handled in a proper/
timely manner with Moose Intl.
Secretary-Treasurer: documents all meeting minutes of the chapter, updates on correspondence received.
*** see any WOTM board member for more details – WE NEED YOU!
If not interested in running on the board – please help out and volunteer as us woman always have our “door open” for new opportunities.
I would like to congratulate two women of importance for our volunteers of the Month for January: Diane Smart & February: Peggy
Congrats to: Amy Stevens who was our gift card winner for Membership week held back in November 2017!
A few things to remember: Lottery Tree Raffle & Clothing Drive (Community Outreach) coming to Bingo night in February, the “famous”
Bakeless Bake Sale which is in the works (more details to follow), 2/10 Winter Moosefest (music festival), 2/17 Sweetheart Dance, 2/24
Zoo Revue (adult comedy), 3/10 Craft Fair, 3/17 St Patrick’s Day and Kid’s Easter party.
Woman’s membership is growing! And I’m so excited to state that. Remember if you newly signed up or sponsored a member to always
follow up with them to assure they continue to support our mission Mooseheart, Moosehaven and the children.

Sincerely, Chris Schneider – Sr. Regent