News From Your Governor – July 2017

We had a great Moosefest event. Many thanks to the Moosefest committee with all the countless hours of planning you
did and all the volunteers who helped this become a great event. Without all of you, this could not have happened. Again
Thank you all!!
Moose International has extended their “active” First Responders program through December 30th, 2017. If you know
someone that serves us though the Military, Police, Sheriffs and Firefighters, sign them up for free for the first year. This
is our and your way to say Thank You. For more information contact on the web-site at for more
The State is not to be outdone. Sign up just one new or former member to become a “Preferred Member” and the State
will send you a $10.00 WMA Moose Buck Coupon that is good in all Wisconsin Moose Lodges! If you sign up 5 new or
former members you will earn a Travel Suit Valet and an invitation to the WMA 5/25 Club Party. Plus if we are the lodge
that signs up the most members for the quarter by numbers or percentage, depending on the quarter, the state will cook
us a meal! How crazy is that. Awesome! Let’s not disappoint them and sign up some members and win this!
Of course we have our lodge and chapter incentive as well, sign up 3 new or former members (women or men) and get
a year’s free dues! So there is no reason not to talk to your friends and neighbors about the Moose, you will be
rewarded for your efforts.

Millenially yours, Joe Matteucci Governor