Kenosha Moose Riders – January 2018


Come Join our wonderful group with fun activities!!! Now is
the time to join Kenosha Moose Riders for only a small
activity fee of $10 a year. We have many events we are
planning. We are all about getting together and just having
fun whether it be on a ride or a local event.

Remember the Moose Riders can be joined with or without a
motorcycle, take part in all our activities in the comfort of your
car! Applications are available in the hallway at the Moose

Coming up is our officers elections on the 15th.
We have a membership drive going on Saturday January 20th,
and we will be sponsoring the “Chicken Game” on January

Mark your calendars:
January 15 Board Meeting at 6pm
January 15 Membership Meeting at 7pm

Visit and “Like” our Kenosha Moose Riders page at